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Why Choose Top Dog?

Top Dog Cleaning Crew™ is a locally owned family business servicing the entire metro area. We specialize in pet stain and odor removal and we are here to meet all your carpet, upholstery, area rugs, and air duct cleaning needs. Top Dog Cleaning Crew™ uses only truck-mounted equipment with hot water extraction that leaves no sticky soaps or chemicals in your carpets. When combined with our superior certified green deodorizers and stain removers you are left with a 100% chemical and residue free cleaning that is safe for all the members of your family! Rest assured all Top Dog Cleaning Crew™ employees are background checked and certified so you can trust and feel safe with who you are letting in your home! 

We Use Only The Most High Powered Truck-Mounted Equipment!

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Air Duct Cleaning



 Allergies, Dust, Pet Dander?

No matter how clean our homes are the air we circulate through them can cause endless need for dusting and cleaning. The culprit....DIRTY AIR DUCTS! Dirt, debris, allergens, pet hair, and pet dander all collect inside our air ducts and when not cleaned properly it all gets circulated through out our homes and in the air we breath. Top Dog Cleaning Crew™ uses powerful truck-mounted equipment combined with the patented Roto Brush technology to provide a superior and thorough cleaning that leaves absolutely no dust or dander behind! The Top Dog Cleaning Crew™ air duct cleaning system...

  • Scrubs all vents, registers, and returns using the patented Roto Brush technology, rotating over 10,000RPM.  
  • Deodorizes the entire system leaving a fresh clean scent circulating in your home.
  • All debris are vacuum extracted outside your home...leaving nothing behind.